Radical Awesome Link Dump #1

I feel like Facebook is a boring place to post a lot of links for public consumption en mass. And I think providing a link dump can be good because it requires a few things to be done well. The first is that if forces you to go out a search for high quality content throughout the webs – ideally helping you escape your internet-echo-chamber. The second is that makes you wait until you have reached good content critical mass: you have to reflect on the quality of your links until you actually publish the dump. The third is that, from a consumption side, its easier to receive the links when they are in a tasty little packet like this.

So I think I will make this a Wednesday Feature, though this is a Thursday. I know I have been less than faithful to the Friday publication, but I will fix that, I swear. I will be good to this series as well.

Will Helsink be the first car-less city?
Helsinki wants to become the first post-car city in the world. Should be pretty cool I to see how this works out. They are the weird cousin of the Scandinavian nations, and their small population size gives them that special kind of social flexibility. I can not wait to go there myself, though not really for this reason.

Shareholders are winning money at the expense of investment
I love when articles like this are published. Nate Silver is no anti-corporate socialist. He is also well respected and pretty safely in the mainstream – even if ascent ruffled some feathers. I am glad that this kind of story is getting play. What kills me is that these mainstream publication will do stories like this, identify a perfidious aspect of our market system that a lack of regulation won’t fix, they never give a policy proscription. I wish they could bring themselves to do such a thing.

A scientific analysis of ‘cool’

This article is, well, cool. It looks at design and culture with a new lens. It is probably not reaching any definitive conclusions. But a friend and I determined that in ‘cool v culured,’ cool wins. This is a must if you aim to impress.

Government transfers do not impact vote-choice

This study shows that the oft-claimed line that the dependency on things like welfare and SNAP makes people vote one way or another, while intuitive, has no grounding in fact. It is behind a pay wall, but the abstract is still worth one whole read.


Three findings this week that I highly suggest:

Squishy Robots can go from hard-state to soft-state

Friends are genetically similar, like family

Warren Buffet’s trading advice is in accord with neuroscience


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