why am I doing this right now on a friday?

Its another song dump. I didn’t do a good job of finding good latin music, but I found some interesting rap. I’ll do better going forward.

ProbCause – Chicago Style (feat. Twista)

This white-boy rap is technically proficient, if you like ASAP Rocky you’ll be happy.

Mr. Green-Sunset

I’m a big fan of these beats, someone I didn’t know about and someone I’m gonna have to keep an ear out for.

Tricky – ‘Hell Is Round the Corner’

This is a weird one, make sure to watch the music video

Sir Sly – Marvin’s Room (Drake Cover)

well better than the original, also worth watching the music video too!

Chela – Zero (Keljet Remix)
This song is a departure from the first three, but these are always a little all over the place.

Willow Beats – Merewif

It is different, but I really like the over all feeling of this song. I like that the sound is unabashedly un-conformist, but finds a way to hit all the right notes.

Poirier – Wha-La-La-Leng feat. Face-T

if you know your Reggae, you’ll know this song, but its ok if you didn’t because you do now, its its better because of that

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