You in the agoRA DIOcletian?

Yo Yo!
Coming at you from the city of hots beats, NEW YORK!!!

Sorry I didn’t post anything interesting of late, but I promise I will hitchyou up with something. This week has been busy, what with invading NYC and prepping up for some big interviews.

So here is music that will helpfully heal your soul

visit venus – magic fly (stellar jungle)

This one here is courtesy of my father, who has better taste in music than me. But no blog, so you’re stuck with his son.

ASAP Rocky – Cockiness (813 Remix)

So ASAP Rocky is the king of vocabulary. That’s impressive, so is this remix.

Cage The Elephant – Take It Or Leave It (Nebbra Remix)

I liked this song, but the remix is super cool in my opinion, but try out this song on youtube, it got a fair share of nice attempts on it. This was just my favorite.

SomeKindWonderful – Reverse (Steve James Remix)

Mindless dance music, questionable inclusion actually. But I don’t always go for male vocals with music like this, so frolic in the novelty.

ZHU – Faded (ODESZA Remix)

Guess who is super handsome and loves everything by ODESZA? This guy 😉

Wisin – Adrenalina ft. Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin

Not really hard to find or obscure or even that good. But its my first foray into trying to get a latin influence into this collection of music. I have gotten songs in spanish stuck in my head and its so so so cruel to not be able to nail them down. I’ll be trying to help us all fix that problem.

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