Its that time of week again, when I throw a bunch of tunes at the internet and preserve forever my great taste in sound wave frequency construction.

First Aid Kit – My Silver Lining

Not a song I would traditionally dig, but I really like this one. I recently took a how white are you test. It says that I like country music but I listen to other stuff. Now I think my music equation is really quite the other way around, but I’d put this in the ‘country I listen to’ section. Its not really that country either, this isn’t no Kenny Chesney shit.

Ride Wit Me – Viceroy Remix

I loved this Nelly song so much when it came out, so my standard for acceptable remix is pretty high. Thankfully Viceroy does not dissapoint, one again he comes through with a fun upbeat reworking that is perfect for this warming weather we are finally treated to.

You Make Me Feel – Sylvester

Some of the subject matter that came up during my wikipedia walkabout on Wednesday was Sylvester. It is hard to get into how badass this mofo was, but you can jam out to this nice classic piece of disco.

Starz Ft. Veela – Second Nature

In high school I met my good friend Mr. Dylan Marcus who has always been at the cutting edge of cool when it comes to electronic music. He introduced me to drum and bass. To this day I still have a very soft spot for this fine genre that never got its due because its child dubstep got and the wub (punslam!). This is a great song in my lovely genre.

A Walk – Tycho

So this is a great time for you to get acquainted with Tycho. Tycho is awesome, if for some reason you don’t like this song (and you should) try to listen to more of Tycho’s stuff, because it is good.

Out of the Wods – Foals (Kulkid Remix)

So this song is a good remix, I like Foals, not a lot, but they are good. This remix improves them. I don’t know Kulkid so I’ll have to keep my eye out to see if there’s anything there.

Candylane – Gonjasufi

I like Gonjasufi, he’s not the best ever, but good enough. The real reason to like Gonjasufi is because this here is the foundation of an AMAZING Pandora playlist. You set this up with a couple groups you like as added variety and you will be straight chillin. Promise.

Aaaaaaand that’s all the time I have, love you dear listener/reader

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