I have made a huge mistake

So I took a break from work today to get started on this here post, but I did so aimlessly. I did not have a topic in mind so I did something I hadn’t in a while, I used the random article feature on wikipedia. Now it is not as toxic as Stumbelupon, but it did the trick today. A few hours later, and lots of trivial information later, I am out of time and still without a proper topic. So I am inventing one as I go along.

Rather than bore you with a mundane autobiographical account of the experience of writing this, I will warn you that wikipedia eats all of the time. I will also say that I have too much appreciation for the reader to continue this travesty. But I will have a well thought out article coming, hopefully by the weekend.

Never go on wikipedia aimlessly while you still have work to do 😦

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