The Egyptian Sun God Ra(dio)

I will work on not posting everything on Fridays, since these gifts of a day are meant to be when I post my music for the world. So next week that change will come. So right now, lets groooove

So I am either beginning to age into cynicism or I had a bad week, but I did not encounter a great number of new tunes that had those sickest of beats. So there’s a nice little chronological mix going on, but you know what, that’s fine, because even if you have heard some of these fine tunes, you’ll be happy to hear them again.

Astro – Panda (NSFW Video)

Butts, butts everywhere

Little Roy – Come As You Are (Nirvana Cover)

I don’t like a lot of Nirvana covers, but this one, very well done

Crouch – (I don’t read Russian so…)

This is one of my favorite rap songs in Russia, I hope that you like it

ProbCause Ft. Chance the Rapper – LSD

I’m really glad that Chance the Rapper is getting to be well known, I think he’s the sort of rapper I would have loved as a teenager because ‘he speaks to me, man.’

Sneaker Pimps – 6 Underground

I’m a pretty big tip-hop, Acid-Jazz and Ministry of Sound scene kind of guy. I like the stuff coming out of Bristol and then the more spacey stuff of today. So it weirds me out that I never know about this group, because its up my alley, not so much today, but very much in the past.

Carlos Libedinsky – Otra Luna

I took a course on different music cultures around the world in college. One of the movements that we studied that really did not speak to me was Tango. I just have an aversion to the accordion that I cannot control. I have liked it, but only when a haggard old dude is playing it on the cobbled streets in some picturesque European setting. This is the only Tango song that I’ve ever really bothered to come back to, its not that I even like it that much, I just like it and that is remarkable enough to me. Libedinsky seems like a cool cat though, and the project this song comes from is called NarcoTango, so that’s kinda telling.

As I said this was not a wealthy week for new music for me. So I hope that this roughly abbreviated play list holds you down for a while. Have a gosh darn great little weekend for yourself, your friends and your family.

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