Mio (ra)Dio

Its friday time, so I’m gonna hit you suckas with those phat weekend beats!

Actually this is going to be an eclectic collection of songs, but they are of certified bonafide quality. I hope you do enjoy them though

So this first song here is one I have a tangential connection to. The band is a vehicle of the good sir Henry Crawford. We probably never hung out just the two of us, but we have dear friends in common and did a fair amount of hanging out in the same spheres when we were both in Brooklyn. I think this song is good on its own merits, even though its not really my style: https://soundcloud.com/fatherdaughter/small-wonder-until-i-open-my

Les LeBas (Bonobo Remix) – Henri Texier

Benediction (Lxury Remix) – Hot Natured

I can’t stop drinking about you – Bebe Rexha

Younger (Kygo Remix) – Seinabo Sey

Lucid Dreams (The M Machine Remix) – Mat Zo

The Man – Aloe Blacc

Crave You (Royal Refix) Flight Facilities

One Time (Imanos Remix) Mirian Hill


So we got a lot going on here, I hope you enjoy the music

P.S. If you like the selfie song, this will give you something to be grateful for:

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