Radio Radio Radio Show

Time to share music again!

My former partner in sonic crime, Sir Patrick Nalepka of the Polish Light Brigade, and I have discussed getting a slot on Carleton College’s radio schedule for the spring term. Sadly he is a lazy, albeit handsome, man. Thus not much progress has been made, yet (glares at Patrick across time and space).

In the mean time, enjoy these tasty nuggets of music. Please, envision colorful, witty and charming banter in between each song for the full effect. I have provided simple lines to prompt your imaginations.

In Three Hands – Oleg Kostrow

It takes a while to warm up, and its not new, but I like this one. Points if you can tell what song this was ripped off from.

Lost and Found – Pretty Lights (ODESZA remix)

Love Sublime – Tensnake ft. Nile Rogers & Fiora

Lightning – Cash Cash ft. John  Rzeznik

One day I will do a show where I share fun ridiculous stuff though, I have a lot of respect for Pavarotti, but there are some weird weird collaborations that he did.

Estrelar – Marcos Valle

I hope you like my “set” and I will make this a way better production in the future

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