Radio Show

Of all of the things that I miss about college, I may miss my college radio show the most. I had so much fun being a DJ, even if only 5 people listened, and they were my friends, and they knew the music I was going to play, I loved that power to share.

I had several shows throughout my time at Carleton College, and two co-DJs. Oddly enough my favorite stint as a DJ was my first one. It was Spring 2011 and I was with Patrick Nalepka. Our show was from 3AM to 5AM every monday morning. This was brutal, and the weird time meant that you often got the feeling you did it for nothing. The strange thing was I think we had more listeners that term than any other, because people studying abroad would be awake and happy to listen to some good ol’ America. There was a certain camaraderie that was formed be the mutual experiences of having to trudge around campus at the god forsaken hours we did. It was a very fun show, and the basis for our friendship today.

Without the privilege of having a collegiate institution behind me I will not endeavor to put on a radio show. But! What I am going to do is link to some songs that I am enjoying each and every week so that you can groove out to them. I will focus on new(er) music, but if I come across a gem with some dust on it, I won’t hesitate to make you aware of it. I hope you enjoy my selection

Dayvan Cowbow – Boards of Canada

L’énergie Irradiait – Múm (Waxolutionists Remix)

k.o. debout – dEbruit

Come onto me – Major Lazer ft. Sean Paul

Come Alive – Chromeo (Le Youth remix)

Hager Fiker – Mulatu Astatke

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