Crazy crazy foodstuffs

Hey there! This is warning for you living in food ignorance. Reading this will either end your bliss, or you stopped caring a while ago.

I broke this up into three easier to swallow bite-sized bits, so you can come back to this if you need to.

This, these – are now gross:

  1. Processed foods with Vanilla and Raspberry flavors. Why? Because the “natural flavoring” is usually castoreum, or Beaver Anal Gland
  2. The buns at plenty of fast-food companies! Why? Because they use Azodicarbonamide, which belongs in yoga mats, not tummies
  3. This one isn’t so bad, but means you got to ask questions when eating shiny candy. They are coated with Shellac, which is a bug excretion. This stuff is also used in nail polish, so you know
  4. Food with labeled with “E120, Carmine, Carmic Acid or Cochineal Extract” as an additive. Why? This stuff is crushed up bug juice used for coloring foods, or lipstick. Used in pinks and reds mostly
  5. So lets say you are fancy, and don’t want any bugs in your dyed red food, well stay away from Red No.2
  6. While we’re talking about scary colors, stay away from Red No. 40 and its buddies, because they are poison.

You want more don’t you!?!

  1. Ranch Dressing! Why? It has titanium dioxide in it, that stuff is not good for your tummy, its for your skin, as sun screen.
  2. Mass produced bread and bread stuffs. Why? L-Cystein!!! This stuff is made from human hair! Its cannibalism people. Its used as a backing agent, and as something to “increase meat flavor,” but that meat is human.
  3. Packaged meat! Why? It’s been probably been plumped, which means shot full of salt water so you pay more per pound for less nutrition and more salt. These birds are still labeled, “all natural,” but they are also labeled as “enhanced”
  4. Soy Sauce: its probably not soy sauce 😦
  5. Extra Virgin Olive Oil: she’s lying to you, she’s been around
  6. Saffron: its not gross, like the two above, you’re mostly just getting ripped off

What’s that? You want even more!!!

  1. Ground Beef. Why? Lots of it is treated with ammonia, and that probably doesn’t make it healthier
  2. Tomatoes??? Why? Slavery
  3.  Soon to come! Sausages!! Why? Baby Poop!!!

Even this is not an exhaustive list, but too much is too much to take in all at once. Anyway, the only safe food is your bellybutton lint, assuming your shirts are all fair trade organic alpaca cotton.

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