Happy Freakin Valentines Day

So this is a poem I wrote to my most recent SO as she was breaking my heart. It is a true reflection on love, and also a slightly bitter poem, because it helped me realize that I had lost the amorous affection I so desired.

Love is little things
Love is the little things that permeate your daily life
It builds up micro moment to micro moment
Filling you up with joy
It is calling her to say, “hi, I love you”
Just because you have five minutes
It’s showing up to class late because you just had to send him a picture, because you can picture his smile looking back at it
Love is walking your dog every frosty  moment with her voice in your ear. Making it all better
Love is never feeling alone because you know that somewhere a lover is thinking of you
when trapped at an office meeting
When marveling at how the stars sparkle like your eyes
When they realize they are as in awe of you as they are the majestic sunrise I front of them
Inspired be Shanna Yang
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