What a place to start

For many people, their story logically begins at the beginning. My story is going to start at the bottom. 

I find a great deal of comfort in Taoist philosophy, and a running theme throughout the writings, especially Laozi’s, is that the Tao is like water. The reader is likewise advised to be like water in their life-practice. Water finds the low places, it goes down and that is where it finds its strength. 

At this point in my life, I hope that I am at the low place. I have been so blind of late I cannot say for sure when my recent batch of struggles began, but I do know that these last forty days have taken more from me than I knew I had. In an effort to be present, and to cultivate a better me for the future, my story starts now: at the bottom.

Though my spirits are low, my dreams and ideals are still high. It is my ambition to find my strength down here, and to come back and share it with the world. Today is the beginning of my story here, my company and, like every day, the rest of my life. 

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